Steps to Make a Casual Booking

  1. Visit the booking page

  2. Select the Service type

    From the Service drop-down menu select “Private Coaching 30 Minutes” or “Private Coaching 60 Minutes”.

    From the Employee drop-down menu select the Coach you would like to work with.

    Press the NEXT button.

  3. Select the Session

    The sessions that are available will appear on the screen. Press the < arrow buttons > to see more dates.
    Click on the session you would like to book.

  4. Option 1: Book one Session only.

    To book one session press the NEXT button.

  5. Option 2 (Part A): Book repeating Sessions.

    To repeat the booking click the Repeat this appointment box.

    Select the Repeat frequency: Weekly, Bi-weekly (ie fortnightly) or Monthly
    Enter either an end date or how many repeats you would like.
    Press the SCHEDULE button.

  6. Option 2 (Part B): Check Schedule

    Check the suggested schedule and make any changes by clicking the buttons on the right.
    1.     Pencil button will allow you to change dates and session times. Click the tick to confirm changes.
    2.     Garbage bin button will allow you to delete sessions completely.
    Press the NEXT button to continue.

  7. Check the Booking

    Check the booking details and if you’re happy, press the NEXT button.

  8. Enter Details

    Complete all detail fields on the page, agree to the terms of service and press the NEXT button.

  9. Enter Payment Details

    Enter your credit card details and press the NEXT button.

  10. Confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation if your payment was successful.
    A copy of your receipt will be sent to your email.

    We will see you at your session!